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57 Fluminense Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

From Rio. On September 27, 2007, the local government decided November 12 be "Fluminense Football Club Day" by law. Fluminense are known as the "champion of the century" with the largest number of Campeonato Carioca titles in the 20th century (28).

2984 The Playboy Guys Are Coming Fluminense's supporters Soittoluettelo
3014 Hey Referee Bad Referee Soittoluettelo
3137 Just Nense Plays Fluminense rules Soittoluettelo
3264 Cavalieri Is the Best Brazilian Goalkeeper Chant to encourage Diego Cavalieir, Fluminense Goalkeeper. Soittoluettelo
3265 Gum, Warrior! Gum, Central Defender, Fluminense Idol. Soittoluettelo
3310 Go for It! Go for it! Soittoluettelo
3649 Your Time Has Come Fluminense fans provoking Corinthians fans. Soittoluettelo
3750 Cleber Fluminense's Cleber Soittoluettelo
3867 Let the Dragon Rise Sung every time the team fight to higher division Soittoluettelo
4322 Sunday I'll go to Maracanã Soittoluettelo
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4809 Fogo This Year You'll Be Relegated Fluminense singing about their rivals Botafogo being relegated to Brazilian 2nd division. Soittoluettelo
5056 Silence in the Slum Aimed at black and red fans (Flamengo) who only sing when the team is winning Soittoluettelo
5401 Go F*ck Yourself Corinthians Chant cursing the other team and supporters Soittoluettelo
5501 Mafia Azul Supporters Fluminense is better than Cruzeiro Soittoluettelo
5808 We Are Guerrillas! NEW English translation wasn't provided with this submission. If you know the translation please send to Soittoluettelo
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